Intelligence from large texts:
transforming unstructured data


Companies Offering Text Analytics Solutions 


The technology from Attensity allows users to extract and analyze facts like who, what, where, why, under what conditions and to whom, as well as opinions and events found in unstructured data. It then creates output that is fused with existing structured data so that it can be analyzed using Attensity's applications or by using business intelligence applications already installed in the client organisation. Attensity’s text analytics suite comprises Attensity Discover, Attensity Analytics,  Attensity Server,  Attensity Workstation, Attensity Integration, Attensity Knowledge Engineering.  More info


(“Text-Driven Business Intelligence”) The ClearForest Text Analytics solution consist of a tagging and extraction platform, an analytics platform, and a development environment. The platforms can be used "out of the box" or as customised add-on analytics and extraction .  ClearForest is now part of the Reuters group.

Content Analyst® 

("Stop searching. Start doingTM") The core Content Analyst technology is Conceptual Comparison, which automatically locates text (ranging from a single word to an entire book) within in a conceptual representation space and so can provide a measure of the similarity of any two items represented in that space. Other related technologies include Blind Search; Categorization:  automatic categorization or exemplar-based; Contextual Explanation: when encountering a unfamiliar word, a pop-up will list ten similar terms. Can also present terms associated with a particular document. Relationship Discovery: the discovery of subtle relationships between entities based on implicit patterns on a SQL-like query system. More details A demo can be scheduled.


(“Transforming Text into Actionable Information”)  Based in Sunnyvale, the company spun off from Xerox Parc in 1997. It is involved with extraction and visualization technologies in a variety of languages. The company products allow “customers to access, cluster, and be alerted to relevant information contained in the open Web, deep Web (patent databases, SEC filings), subscription, and internal sources.” Allows the annotation of documents for named entities (persons, companies, places, weapons, addresses, and dates) and events (M&A activity and travel activities) and relationships among entities. Entity extraction can also be customized and visualization packages include StarTree ®, TableLenstm, and TimeWall. 


SPSS solutions combines the  LexiQuest text mining products with the data mining workbench, Clementine to reveal concepts in text, which can then be combined with other data to create predictive models. The SPSS system is referred to as Predictive Text AnalyticsTM.   LexiQuest CategorizeTM,   LexiQuest MineTM,  SPSS Text Analysis for SurveysTM,.


Lexalytics provides software for entity extraction, sentiment analysis, document summarization and thematic extraction for today's businesses..


Texifter "improves efficiency by streamlining the process of sorting large amounts of unstructured text. Texifter offers off-the-shelf enterprise class business applications specifically developed to meet the complex needs of researchers and federal rule writers. Texifter utilizes SaaS & cloud-based solutions for topic modeling, duplicate detection, and other information retrieval tasks involving users in an active learning loop. "

Other Companies 

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